How Facebook is changing – and what you can do to keep reaching your customers

02.02.2018 Posted by TM Regionals

Facebook is making far-reaching changes to the way businesses and brands appear in users’ feeds, which means that your posts will likely lose some visibility over the coming weeks. Watch as our trade marketing director Rob Carter summarises what’s happening – and reveals how you can ensure that your business is not negatively impacted by…


Brilliant apps for busy sales and marketing people

19.01.2018 Posted by TM Regionals

As good as video and conference calls are, there are lots of times you’ll find yourself out on the road. Whether you’re a sales rep or a marketing manager there are lots of apps to help lighten the load, as our trade marketing director Rob Carter discovers.     When I started repping I had…


New Year motivation for sales and marketing staff

08.01.2018 Posted by TM Regionals

The first few days back at work can be critical to starting off the year the right way. People are likely feeling jaded by all the frivolity or they may have even resolved to find a new job! Either way, you need to take action to ‘own’ January and get a strong start to the…


Quiz: How well do you know your UK advertising codes?

21.12.2017 Posted by TM Regionals

Here’s something a little different for you – a quiz about recent cases brought before the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Many of the cases are fascinating and often enlightening. Best of all, if you work in commerce you can probably get away with completing this useful exercise during work hours. You’re very welcome. Upheld or…


How to get your business found online

14.12.2017 Posted by TM Regionals

Business listings are key to ensuring you can be found when potential customers are searching online. The way people search for local businesses has changed. The starting point for many is no longer ‘traditional’ directory providers like Scoot, Yell or Thomson Local. Instead they’ll start by typing a phrase into a search engine like Google…