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08.09.2017 Posted by ssissons

Planning great Christmas campaigns is not easy.
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Across the board, retail sales grew strongly in the final quarter of 2016, with growth of 7.1% in December.

Nationally, we saw department stores were boosted by e-commerce; the strongest performer was Selfridges (+18%) while John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams all saw their performances boosted strongly by online growth.

In the retail food sector discounts, convenience and online all helped build strong performances for Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons.

As a local business you can take cues from these nationals by making sure your website is fast and easy to use, and if it isn’t, we can definitely help you with that.

Love it or loathe it, Black Friday was bigger than it was in 2015 and 28% of gift buyers bought something on that day. Will you be taking part this year?

We are seeing signs that some retailers are trying to keep the focus firmly in December but whether you need online display ads or pay per click and re-targeting ads, we’re here to help.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without gift! Last year the average amount spent on gifts in the UK was almost £367 per person. But there is also considerable additional spending on food, clothing, white goods and flooring as people get their house ready for visitors.

Planning great Christmas campaigns.

We’ve got a great calendar of online and print opportunities to make sure you get the most of the local market share of Christmas.

Explore the amazing opportunities that we can give your business by viewing our digital and print portfolio. Then contact our team to help build your multimedia campaign for a truly magical Christmas to remember!

Source: Mintel Christmas Shopping Habits 2017

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