Mobile responsive websites improve Google rankings

29.08.2017 Posted by ssissons

How important are mobile responsive websites to Google?

Right now people in your area are searching the internet for services like yours. If you do not have a website you’re simply handing those customers straight to your competitors.

If you do have a website what kind of impression is it giving? Does your website work properly on a mobile phone, tablet computer and traditional desktop? If not you are losing out on potential customers.

Internet savvy users are very choice and time conscious, so if your website doesn’t tell them what they want straight away, or its design and functionality is out-dated, they’ll very likely go elsewhere.

More importantly is your website RESPONSIVE? It’s basically a site that’s designed to adapt to the size of screen it’s being viewed on. When opened on a mobile phone or tablet your website will automatically reformat to provide a better user experience. It’s still your website, with nothing missing, but the display is optimised to suit any device.

Google like responsive websites best, users prefer them when searching and having a consistent look across mobile phone to tablet to desktop computer result in better results.

The return on investment of a responsive website with a smart, contemporary design and professional engaging content can be considerable.

What can we do for you?

We can create a responsive website for you to ensure you not only create a strong online presence for your business but help attract new customers as well.

We’ll provide you with an easy-to-update site along with access to customer support and a full reporting suite. What’s more, the site is yours with no on-going maintenance charges.

We offer three great packages from a starter site through to a Pro website for those needing e-commerce, specialist search features or even bespoke inventory feeds etc.

From as little as £20 per month, get yourself a responsive website.

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