Digital Display Advertising

There are dozens of ad types available but our digital multi-format offering is built on these eight options: MPU, DMPU, Leaderboard, Belly Band, Mobile Banner, Skyscraper, Page Takeover and eWrap. Here’s what they look like with a bit more detail…


Mid-Position Unit. This is a square-shaped box, positioned within or alongside editorial content. It occupies a high-impact position on the page.
Size: 300px x 250px


Double Mid-Position Unit. Like a standard MPU but offering even more impact in the middle of the page. It can display an image or video, animation etc.
Size: 300px x 600px


This is a traditional banner, positioned right at the top of the page for maximum impact. It typically occupies most of the width of the page.
Size: 728px x 90px

Mobile Banner

A banner on a phone or tablet that's located at the top of the page – and remains in position as the user scrolls the page, ensuring maximum exposure.
Size: 320px x 50px


This appears on the far right side of the page, in-line with editorial content, and catches the reader’s eye line as they view the page.

Page Takeover

Our takeovers wrap around the website’s main content and occupy all available advertising spots. A takeover is the most visible, impactful and effective option available.


A great alternative to a takeover. An eWrap is positioned as the background frame of the website so your message becomes integral to each page.

Targeted and Optimised

Whilst a traditional multi-format advertising campaign is the perfect way to reach a wide audience, we offer a suite of targeting and optimisation tools that can be called on to boost the success of your campaign and maximise the return on your investment.

By scrutinising user behaviour, demographics, locations and topics in order to target the perfect audience, your campaign will reach the right people with ruthless effectiveness. What’s more you’ll be able to measure the success in ways besides sales conversions, by assessing how users interact with your advertising.

If you’re looking for a tailored solution then an optimised campaign is the most bespoke digital product we offer. Our optimisation specialists have multiple targeting systems and tools at their disposal which they will use to make sure your message is placed directly in front of potential customers. A campaign manager will assist you in setting the brief and then oversee the campaign on your behalf, ensuring that it’s performing as agreed by providing detailed reports.

Cross Network

We can reach your target customers wherever they are, either locally, regionally or nationally with our ‘cross network’ opportunities accessing more than 40 local newsbrand websites across the UK. Click to discover more…



Targeting your customers via location and placing your advert on any of our websites accessed by people from your chosen location, you can ensure your campaign is as effective as possible.

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