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The seasonal peaks for weddings are May to September and March to April. There is a spike in people planning/researching weddings during the Christmas/early January period.

With the average cost of a wedding costing from between £20 and £30k, it is not only one of the most important days of your life but also one of the largest expenses couples and their families will experience.

As often the wedding costs are shared between couples and their families it is important that your advertising appeals to both the engaged couple as well as other family members.

Typical expenditure:

    £1,378 Wedding dress

    £439 Grooms outfit

    £4,413 Honeymoon

    £3,959 Catering

    £1,046 Photography/Video

    £638 Flowers

    £377 is the average spend by guests on attending the wedding, taking into account a wedding gift and accommodation on the night of the ceremony itself, travel and a new outfit.

    Men are the bigger spenders – forking out £51 more than women. 

    Hen or stag dos cost an average of £157, although a quarter spend more than £200 on the grand night out/weekend.

We understand your audience…

    The latest data from the O.N.S shows that Civil ceremonies account for 72% of all marriages. According to 38% of couples marry in a hotel, 37% in a place of worship and 19% in a registry office.

    Over three-quarters of brides and grooms marrying in 2013 were marrying for the first time.

    According to the O.N.S the average age at marriage is 36.7 years for men and 34.3 years for women.

    44% of local adults have attended wedding celebrations as guests in the last 3-years.

    1 in 5 local people are planning to marry their current partner in the next 3-years.

    42% of local females bought a present that was suggested on the invite/guest list.

    54% of local adults who have married/plan to marry in the last/next 3 years want(ed) their wedding to be remembered by guest as a fun party.

    1 in 5 local people who have/plan to marry in the last/next 3 years did/consider renting or purchasing a second-hand wedding dress.

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Every month our East Midlands digital Portfolio reach:

    3.3 million adults who search the internet first when looking for information.

    821k adults who search the internet first when looking for information.

We can help you reach…

    89,000 People in the local area expect to get married/engaged in next 12 months. 

    613k single/separated/divorced 16-34 year olds – the key age demographic for those more likely to get married.

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